PASA FUN Day April 4, 2009

PASA Held a Fun Day At Fiona's Farm in Brentwood, CA on Saturday April 4, 2009.


Some Comments from attendees:

  I want to thank Fiona for a very fun time at Fiona's Farm yesterday.  I don't know about the rest of you, but those of us who showed up had a really FUN time! We practiced on the agility equipment til we were tired out, had pizza and a meeting, then those who wanted, had their dogs try out the sheep in the round pen.  I hope Fiona didn't get too dizzy!   It was a really relaxing day for most of us, and the hills and flowers on the drive there were beautiful! Thanks again Fiona!       Donna

Tearing paws seems to be a theme from the weekend! Denny tore both front pads and partially ripped a rear one during his introduction to sheep. But, boy, did he have fun in the round pen!  Dave

Shane tore pads on all four paws but had a great time doing it.   I guess we have a bunch of city dogs   Marcia