Stock Trial 2013

On October 12/13,  2013 Peninsula Australian Shepherd Association (PASA) put on a stock event at Finoa' Farm in Brentwood, CA.

The results were.

                                                                                                           Cattle                                       Sheep                                        Ducks

                                                                      Sat am:                 Christi Claypool & Pepper         Susan Mavis/Alice              Christi Claypool & Pepper
                                                                      Sat pm:                 Christi Claypool & Pepper         Susan Mavis/Alice              Dan Anderson/Diesel
                                                                     Sun am:                 Christi Claypool & Pepper         Sherry Baker/Bart              Cathe Walker & Baker Winning Open class score
                                                                     Sun pm:                 Kirsten/Chill                               Carol McLaughlin/Shine      Lawrence Gerstile/Kai

Most promising started Aussie: Shewrry Baker/Cinch, who finished the weekend trialing in the Open Class
High combined Non-WTCH: Cathe Walker/Baker, who moved up to advanced on Sunday
High Combined WTCH: Dan Sanderson/Diesel, who edged out Christi Claypool/Pepper

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