PASA at 2016 ASCA Nationals

This section is a place for all PASA members to brag about their Nationals accomplishments, even if it was just doing a few runs or entering an event for the first time. Everyone who cares to participate is welcome.  We will start with Agility Finals where numerous PASA members were in the award groupings.

Pictured are the top ten Standard finals Winners. 
Included are PASA members Barbara Hasey and 7th place Yogi; Nicole Watts and 10th place Dervish Third and fourth from left.
Dervish placed 6th in jumpers and regular rd 1.  Other top 10 finishers included Logan (Donna Highstreet), 1st jumpers, 2nd regular rd 1;
Monty (Liza Buckner) 2nd jumpers;Cadence (Erika Maurer), 7th jumpers and 9th regular rd 1;Boca(Dave Grubel) 1st regular rd 1

Pictured are the top ten Veteran Finals Winners.
Included are PASA members Laurie Preston and 9th place Pippin, Janet Jenkins and 6th place, Maggie,
Kerry Levin and Vet Winner, Jo-Z, Dave Connet and 3rd place, Denny, Tracy Lovelis and 10th place, Charlie.
Jo-Z place 3rd jumpers, 4th regular rd 1, 5th regular rd 2; Denny placed 6th jumpers, 9th regular rd 1, 8th regular rd 2;
Maggie placed 5th jumpers, 1st in regular rd 1;Pippin placed 8th in jumpers;Charlie placed 7th in jumpers. 8th in regular rd1.
Other top 10 finishers included Rubi (Donna Highstreet) 2nd jumpers, 9th regular rd 2; Finley (Susan Laursen) 2nd regular rd 1 and 6th regular rd 2.

Jean Danver's Nationals Pictures
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Amanda Svensson & Zia celebrating winning
HIT Novice at the Nevada Pre-trial.  This was Zia's first ever
trial and she repeated it the next day at the Colorado pre-trial. 
Also, earned her RS-N, JS-N and GS-N.

Susan Laursen & Finley won HIT Vet and Amanda Svensson & Zia
won HIT Novice at the Colorado Pre-trial.  Susan & Finley also won
HIT Vet in the Nationals trial and was on the 5th place
team in the team event.. Way to go, Finley and Zia.

Barbara Hasey's Yogi posing with his loot.

Three members of the Rally Team Pre-trial 2nd place team. 
They also won 3rd team in Nationals.
The Merle Girls
  Pictured are  Margaret Guthrie with Corgie,  Ann McCabe with Corey,
Joe Delvey with Truely. The 4th team member was Julie Forward with
her red merle, Ryleigh.

Maggie Guthrie with Corgie - 2nd place Veteran Open Red Merle.
Corgie competed in conformation, agility, stock (starter ducks and
open sheep) and advanced rally.  21 ribbons and 3 Qs (agility and rally).
Photo Jeffery Hamlin
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Nicole Watts' Dervish Nationals Brags. Finals Dervish
was 10th overall with a 6th and a Qin jumpers and Elite Rd 1
and a 6thNQ in Gamblers. In the Nationals Agility trial Dervish Qed and was
1st in Elite Regular  rd 1and Elite Jumpers rd 2.
In the PASA Pre-trial Dervish Qed 1st in Elite Regular rd 1,
6th in Elite Regular rd 2 and Elite jumpers rd 2, 3rd in Elite Jumpers
 rd 2 and 10th in gamblers r1.

In the Team Tourney event, Dervish was on the 5th place team, Titiling
at Windmill,s with Findley & Susan Laursen and
Rocker & Pam Smith.

Nicole Watts' Jinn's brags.  Jinn is 12 1/2 years old.  In the
Nationals agility trial she Qed was 1st in both rounds of elite  regular
ACE SeniorDivision, 2nd elite jumpers rd 2.  She also
got multiple Qs, 1st places in
ACE Senior in pre-trials..

Joe Delvey's Truely posing with all her
Nationals loot.
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Rick Anderson's Kate had a great first nationals.
Kate took HIT Open in the CASA agility pretrial. 
She Qd all six of her runs in the ‘official’ Nationals
agility trial, and in doing so completed her
JSO-OP and GSO titles and took home her
second HIT Open agility ribbon of the week. 
She Q’d on Started Sheep in the Nationals stock trial.
 And she earned the third highest score of all qualifiers in
the Most Versatile Aussie (MVA) Conformation
evaluation.  Finally, her overall performance earned
her a 22nd place finish in the MVA
rankings—in Kate's and my first ever appearance
in an Aussie Nationals.