2019 Agility Events

PASA will hold 5 agility trials in 2019:
February 23/24: Thorson's Arena, Morgan Hill, CA
March 30/31: Stanislaus County Fair Grounds, Turlock, CA
May 24/25/26/27 Solano County Fair Grounds, Vallejo, CA
August 3/4: Manzanita Park, Prunedale,  CA
November 2 : Nationals Pre-trial,Kern County Fair Grounds, Bakersfield, CA

February 23/24
This was the first trial of the 2019 season.   We lucked out weather wise.  It was the only weekend in February this year that it did not rain.   It was a bit chilly inside but sunny and pleasant outside.This trial was held in conjunction with two each PASA Obedience/Rally trials.   Both were successful events.  
PASA held its usual one ring event.    That left lots of room for crating and running dogs inside and staying away from the obedience/rally folks.  Joyce Roessner was our judge.   The file was completely full.  We were a little worried about Joyce catching her 7:35 pm flight home on Sunday, but we finished just in time.  She gave us some interesting courses with nice challenges.  
Trial committee was:
Chair(s): Tracy Lovelis (on site) Jean Danver (off site, web)
Grounds: Jean Danver
Awards: Warene Waters
Secretary & Chef scorekeeper: Dave Connet
Chief Course Builder: Scott Lovelis
Chief Ring Steward(s): Maralise Howze & Laurie Preston
Hospitality: Mona Nichols
Equipment: Susan Laursen
Judge transportation & hospitality arrangements: Tracy Lovelis
Judge airport and hotel transportation: Jean Danver, Barbara Hasey, Katrina Parkinson
Equipment Transportation: Donna Highstreet & Jenny Hutchinson
NQ Raffle: Donna Highstreet

The trial had five classes each day.     We had "NQ" raffles on Saturday and Sunday.  As a special treat, we had a professional photographer, Nick Hengeveld, come.  He set up a monitor so we all could look at our dogs and offered a $50 to download all of our dogs pictures.  Lots of us took him up on the offer. You can view proofs and order pictures from his website:
Four dogs earned ATCHs.  Two of them belonged to Nancy Graczyk. Here they all are with Judge Joyce Roessner.  

Donna Highstreet and  ATCH3 Logan

Nancy Graczyk and ATCH7 Rocket

Nancy Gracyk and ATCH Kody

Cynthia Downing and ATCH3 Angus

High in Trial Winners were, in order of the picture:

Elite: Dave Grubel and his Aussie, Elektra
Veteran:  Erika Mauer and her Aussie, Cadence
 Ace Overall:  Dave Connet and his Aussie, Denny
Novice: Zoe Ann Stivers and her Miniture Australian Shepherd, Riley
Not Pictured:  Open: Susan Adler and her Australian Terrier, Posey

PDF Files of Trial Results
Trial Premium
Trial General Info
High in Trial File
Feburary Silver Buckle Standings
Note that all dogs with a Q are listed.   Their group may change if  they do not yet have regular Q.  There may be differences in HIT winners because the rules of which class a dog is in differs.  For Silver Buckle, dogs are in the group that corresponds to their first regular Q of the year and yps is the average of their regular runs for the year.  HIT group is last regular entered of the trial and average yps of regular runs just for the trial.