PASA at ASCA Nationals 2019 

PASA Dogs had some pretty nice accomplishments and brags at Nationals


Standard Division                              Veteran Division

 Overall                                                    Overall

3rd – Sage & Jean Danver                              7th – Dervish & Nicole Watts
5th – Oliver & Susan Laursen                                              
9th – Vixen & Maralise Howze                                            

Standard Jumpers Top Ten                            Veteran Jumpers Top Ten
3rd – Vixen & Maralise Howze                        1st - Boca & Dave Grubel

6th – Trillian & Katrina Parkinson                  2nd - Dervish & Nicole Wats

Standard Gamblers Top  10
1st – Sage & Jean Danver

3rd – Ember & Tracy Lovelis

4th – Logan & Donna Highstreet

10th - Oliver & Susan Laursen

Standard Regular #1 Top Ten                        Veteran Regular #1 Top Ten
1st – Naju & Nicole Watts                              10th - Slyder & Scott Lovelis

5th – Vixen & Maralise Howze

7th – Trillian & Katrina Parkinson

8th - Sunny & Suzanne Mordock

Standard Regular #2 Top Ten                         Veteran Regular #2 Top Ten
2nd – Vixen & Maralise Howze                        1st - Slyder & Scott Lovelis

3rd – Elektra & Dave Grubel                            2nd - Boca & Dave Grubel

5th – Sunny & Suzanne Mordock                     3rd - Dervish & Nicole Watt

9th - Sage & Jean Danver                                 9th - Jo-Z and Kerry Levin



                                                                 Dervish - 7th Veterans Agility Finals &  2nd Jumpers, 3rd Reg. #2                     Sage - 3rd  Standard Agility Finals with a 1st in Gamblers, 9th Reg. #2.
                                                                      Oliver - 5th Standard Agility Finals  & 10th in Gamblers                    I was awarded 2nd in finals by mistake, hence, the red ribbon in the picture. 20 agility Qs in all
                                                                                                                                                                                               Earned my RAX, a Q in Rally Team & a Dock Jumping Classic Novice title (LC-N).
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Don't tell Mom, but I like dock jumping the best, though finals was very exciting.

Obedience Finals

2nd Open CDX - Calvin & Rick Anderson

Rally Finals

3rd - Calvin & Rick Anderson



TD - Falcon & Anne Hershey with track layer, Jean Danver 

and judges


5th - Kate & Rick Anderson
11th - Calvin & Rick Anderson

Agility Pre-Trials & Nationals Trial


HIT ACE – Stella & Suzanne Mordock


HIT Overall & Veteran HIT – Slyder & Scott Lovelis
HIT Elite – Trillian & Katrina Parkinson 

HIT ACE Sr, Dog - Stella & Suzanne Morlock


High in Circuit ACE SR. Dog - Stella & Suzanne Morlock

Nationals Trial

HIT ACE Senior Dog – Charlie & Tracy Lovelis

Charlie (Tracy Lovelis) showing off all his stuff  

We knew this would be Charlie's last Nationals and I just wanted to enjoy stepping to the line with her 

and having fun.  She was such a good girl and qualified 5/6 runs and went High in Trial ACE SR dog
 in the Nationals trial! My eyes teared up when her name was called!
Good girlie Charlie Bear!

 Ember and Tracy Lovelis - I was 3rd in finals gamblers, a preety good showing if you don't ask me.  Got some nice stuff in pre-trials, too.

Slyder and Scott Lovlelis

While we couldn't buy a Q in Greeley last year, Slyder was on fire this year. When he was on, he was amazing, and when he was off, he had a blast running.
Sat- PASA Pre-trial: Regular 1 3rd and Q, Regular 2 1st and Q, Gamblers 1 4th and Q
Sun-Delta Pre-Trial: Gamblers 1 1st & Q, Gamblers 2 1st & Q, Regular 1 2nd & Q, Regular 2 1st & Q, Jumpers 1 3rd & Q, Jumpers 2 7th & Q, High In Trial Veteran AND High In Trial Overall!!!
Monday Finals: Regular 1 10th & Q, Regular 2 1st & Q
Tuesday Lowland ASC: Only ran in the 2 regular rounds with a 1st & Q in Round 1
Wed-Fri Nationals: Gamblers 1 with a tough gamble 1st & Q, Gamblers 2 1st & Q, Regular 1 his quick teeter crept back in, Regular 2 1st and Q, and both Jumpers he started getting a bit wild on me on 1 and a bar in 2.
Overall it was AUSSOME, and I am SO proud of him!!!
24 courses run, 3 rings course building over 7 days, 174,000 steps!!!

Logan  and Donna Highstreet
In agility events Q’ed 15/22 runs with 9 first places, 1 second, 2 thirds and a fourth. Let's not forget that 4th in finals gamblers..  it was only a couple of points behind the winner.

Dervish, beside his finals results: Nationals Agility Trial Q1st Elite Jumpers R1 (vets division) Q2nd Elite Gamblers R2 (vets division) Multiple other Q1sts, Q2nds and placements at the pre-trials
Novice B obedience 191/200 score to finish her CD!

 Naju: besides finals results: National Agility Trial Q2nd Elite Gamblers R2, Q1st Elite Regular R2, Q1st Elite Jumpers R2Multiple other Q1sts and placements at the pre-trials

Nicole Watts with Naju, Dervish and Jinn, who,
at 15 1/2  attended his 7th Nationals  and handled it with great aplomb and patience.

Jo-z and Terrry Levin
Jo-z with her awards from ASCA Nationals Pretrials and Agility Finals. Agility on top, Rally below. Finished her Rally REM (excellent-master)title, had some decent placements in 2 of the agility finals runs and several at pretrials. She especially enjoyed picking out 4 toys that were prizes for all dogs who Q’d at the Delta Pretrial. (she loves hedgies...).Overall a good last ASCA Nationals for Jo-z at 11 yrs young. Bittersweet to think of it as her last Nationals but happy she made this one!

Trilian posing with friends
HIT Elite at the DASF Pre-trial, 6th place in finals jumpers, 7th in finals Regular #1 and some nice placements in Pre-trials and National trials.  Earned an RA in rally and had great fun getting a Q in nonstandard team rally.

Rick Anderson's Dogs, that Do It All

Calvin:    Rally: HIT/HC 200/200 in Masters/Excellent in the TCASWA pretrial;
3rd Rally Finals.Obedience:
2nd Open CDX Finals.
Stockdog: Q Started Ducks in ASC of AZ pretrial; Q Started Ducks in Nationals. New title Started Ducks.Agility: Q/2nd, Q/2nd in Open Regular in Nationals.

Kate : Rally: Q/1st/200 in Excellent in the TCASWA pretrial; Q/1st/200 in Rally Nationals.
Obedience: 2nd Open CDX A in WASOC pretrial; 3rd Open CDX A in Nationals.
Stockdog: Q/1st Open Ducks in ASC of AZ pretrial; Q/4th Open Ducks in Nationals. New title Open Ducks.Agility: Q/Q in Elite Regular in Nationals.
Competed in Finals.MVA: 5th place.

Xena:  Rally: Q/200 in Novice B Nationals.
Obedience: Q/2nd in Novice B in Nationals.