2019 Dock Jumping

June 22, 2019

PASA held it's very first Dock Jumping trial on Saturday, June 22 at Doggone Dirty Dock Diving in Hollister, CA.  Four launches were offered.   Each dog jumps off the dock, usually towards an object thrown by the handler, two times for each launch.  The distance the dog jumps, measured from the base of the tail, is recorded.  The distance awarded for the launch is the farthest  of the two jumps.  Each jump is placed in a division depending on the distance jumped.
1" to 9'11" Spring
10' to 14'11" Classic
15' to 17'5" Deluxe
17'6 to 19'11' Fly
20'-22'5" Elite
22'6" -24'11" Pro
25’+ Ultra

Ribbons were awarded to the 1st-4th dog in each category, with a 1st place prize.   A dog must complete 5 jumps in a division to earn a novice title.  After that,  points,  1 to 5, which are given for the jump distance in the division,  are accumulated  to determine future titling.  Basically, a dog must earn 25 additional points in a division for each title (Advanced, Excellent, Masters, Championship).  Dogs can earn titles in more than one division at a time.

PASA also offered open dock.  Open dock was practice before and in between the launches.  The event was well attended with  27 entries. 13 were Aussies and 14 were other breeds. There were several other dogs that only did open dock.  It was great weather for dock jumping with sunshine and temperatures that only went up into the 80s.  Dock jumping was very exciting for the dogs.  They had a wonderful time.   And so did the handlers.  Everyone was cheered on, from the hesitant dogs to the amazing dogs.

The primary judge was Mark Dias.  He had an assistant to confirm his spotting of each dog's jump.
Trial committee was:
Chair(s): Warene Waters, assisted by Maggie Guthrie
Grounds, Awards: Warene Waters
Secretary : Warene Waters
Scorekeeper: Tricia Callahan

Launch Results
Launch 1
Launch 2
Launch 3
Launch 4
Link to Kaylee p[ Photography photos

Kathy Murphy and Confetti

Great finish by Kayne

Tricia scoring and Warene doing the results

Prima flying!