2019 Special Events

PASA held three special events in 2019
February 2: Paint Your Pup Party
August 12: Beach Day and Lunch in Princeton
December 15 : Annual Holiday Party and election of officers

December 15 Annual Holiday Party

This was our biggest Holiday Party ever.   It followed the usual format.  Socializing, dinner, meeting with election of new officiers and  the gift exchange game.  There was a special guest of honor this year.  Jim Basic from PowerPaws was honored for sharing his deep agility wisdom. particuary in the "dark arts" of Gamblers, all wiht good humor and corny jokes.  He was presented with a PASA t-shirt and a singing fish, to replace one that was "lost" many years ago.  

Kathy Murphy stepped down as president after two years.  Jenny Hutchinson was elected to replace her.  All the other board positions remained the same.  Click here to see the full slate.  The gift exchange was a great ending.  We all went home very full of great food and the result of our gift exchange.  Much thanks to Mona Nichols for hosting this event.

                                            Jim Basic and singing fish.                                                                         Too many people for one picture!

August 12th Beach Party

We took the dogs to the beach and did they have a good time.  Our president, Kathy Murphy, organized the event and it was a great sucess. It was PASA's third Annual Beach Party.  In attendance were 11 PASA members, a toddler, 14 Australian Shepherds, and 1 golden retriever puppy.  We were blessed with bright blue skies and near seclusion at our almost secret beach.  Highlights included:  Seeing Sara Maasen's baby and Vicki O'Malley's puppy venture into the ocean water for their first time. Seeing Susan Carsen's dog, who is both deaf and blind (and aptly named Henry Keller), happily navigate the water, humans, and wild pack of dogs. And of course, seeing all of our Aussies having an absolute blast.  After the water activities, the humans got together at the Half Moon Bay Brewery Company for platters of fish tacos, fish and chips, and hand-crafted beer.  No one wants to wait a whole year to do it again, but a year with our Aussies also goes by fast!

Interesting, but I want to go swimming

One of those dogs has to be mine

What a great way to cool off

Jazz says "This is one of my happy places"


The Big Group Photo

February 2nd Paint Your Pup