2021 Agility Events

PASA will hold 5 agility trials in 2021 along with some Fun Matches:
February 21: Fun Match: Anderson Farm, Livermore, CA
       March 13: Fun Match: Anderson Farm, Livermore, CA
March 27/28: Anderson Farm, Livermore, CA
May 1/2: Anderson Farm, Livermore, CA
June 26/27: Anderson Farm, Livermore, CA
August 7/8: Manzanita Park, Prunedale,  CA
November 20/21 : Thorson's Arena, Morgan Hill, CA

March 27/28

This was PASA's first trial in 13 months, thanks to COVID-19,  We were pretty careful -  No hospitality, no NQ raffle, social distancing, masks, no sharing of canopy space except for household members etc.   Everyone felt pretty comfortable, especially since a rather large percentage of attendees have been vaccinated already. The county now allows vaccinated people to gather with each other, so there was a little bit of that happening. 

It was also the first official trial held at Rick Anderson's "Farm" in Livermore.  Green grass, views of green hills and nice weather.  One could not ask for anything better. 
PASA held the usual one ring event, with 5 classes each day.  Sus Graham from Paso Robles, CA was our judge.  She actually drove here and stayed on site. Her courses had some interesting twists.  Some of us called the Sunday jumpers a Mickey Mouse head.
Trial committee was:
Chair(s): Rick Anderson (grounds) and Tracy Lovelis (on site)
Background paperwork, web page: Jean Danver 
Awards: Warene Waters
Secretary & Chief Scorekeeper: Dave Connet
Chief Course Builder: Scott Lovelis
Chief Ring Steward: Maureen Loughney
Equipment: Susan Laursen
Judge transportation and hospitality: Nicole Watts
Judge gift: Tracy Lovelis and Jean Danver
Equipment and Judge RV Transportation, judge housing: Gina Campodonico

There were no ATCHs earned at this trial. But we did have some attendees come a long way.  There were some Oregoneans and one entry from Washington.   Here are a few pictures of the trial site.

We awarded High in Trial.  There were a lot of new faces in this trial's winners, which was great to see. 
High in Trial Winners were, in order of the picture:

Novice:  Kimberly Long and her Aussie: Snap
Open: Tracy Duncan and her Belgian Tervuren: Rush
Judge: Susan Graham
Elite: Nicole Watts and her Aussie, Naju
Veteran: Susan Laursen and her Aussie, Oliver

Ace Overall: Kathy Murphy and her Aussie, Jazz

PDF Files of Trial Results
Trial Premium
Trial General Info
High in Trial File
Silver Buckle Standings
Note that all dogs with a Q are listed. A dog's group may change if it does not yet have regular Q. There may be differences than HIT winners because the rules of which class a dog is in differs. For Silver Buckle, dogs are in the group that corresponds to their first regular Q of the year and yps is the average of their regular runs for the year. Each q gets the same # of points.  For HIT, the dog's group is the same as the last regular run and Q points are determined by the level of the run.

February 21/ March 13
Fun Matches

PASA decided to have a couple of member only Fun Matches to tune the new facility and get our dogs used to a trial environment again.  They were both one day events.  Beautiful sunshine both days.  The March match was a bit on cool side.  Some wind both days.  Scott Lovelis designed the courses and served as a judge at the February event.   Susan Laursen acted as equipment czar.  Tracy Lovelis  gave the briefings and announcements.  We had volunteers for gate, leash running and pole setting, just like a regular trial.   Rick Anderson did all the grounds planning and implementation.  He also did some judging.  Jean Danver wrote a flier and a release.  The dogs had a great time running and meeting new and old friends. 

We even had a photographer, Sarah Hitzeman , for the March event.  You can see and down load her pictures at this link.

One more step and I am in the Yellow

Scout Lovelis and Slyder and the beautiful Livermore view.

Look at me do those weaves

Rick's House

Can't wait to get off and make Mom run!

What a pretty down!

Boy, this grass is neat stuff to pose in

Flying Tales

Didn't I do a nice run?