PASA 2021 Obedience and Rally Trials

 PASA held two Obedience trials at Rick Anderson's Farm in Livermore, CA on Friday March 26, the day before a PASA agility trial.   Then PASA held two rally trials on Friday June 25, the day before another PASA agility trial.   Two Obedience trials and two rally trials were held at Thorson's Arena in Morgan Hill, CA on November 20/21. 

March 26 Flier
June 25 Flier
November Flier

Some Pictures of the Rally Trials 

High in Trial and High Combined for  the AM June trial was Kate, owned by Rickard Anderson.
High in Trial and High Combined for  the June AM trial was Calvin, also owned by Rickard Anderson.

Here they are.Calvin is next to Rick Anderson
and Kate is next to Judge Ann McCabe.

November 20
HIT Obedience: Snickers,  owed by Linda Kirk

November 21
HIT Rally, Koa, handled by Laura Cox with Judge Barbara Ardine
195,199 scores in excellent.