2006 Agility Events

PASA held one agility fun match and  five agility trials in 2006.  They were held at Workin' Paws Ranch in Hollister, CA. 

October 28/29: PASA/Workin' Paws

Silver Buckle Winners:  Elite: Jean Danver & Chaps; Veteran: Sue Loeffler & Chip; Novice: Valerie Williams &  Zoey;  Jr.Handler: Isaiah Winters & Buddy;  Open: Jim Westbrooke & Django (not pictured).  Judge Judy Boone standing behind.

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                                            HIT Novice Winner Robin Garber                                Shadow shows off his PJs for a Ghost Cookie
                                              & Twix pose with Judy Boone

High in Trial winners were:  Veteran: Dave Connet & Pepper; Elite: Jean Danver & Chaps; Open: Roger Badertscher & Sadie; Jr. Handler: Isaiah Winters & Buddy

Jean's Pictures.  Mostly Silver Buckle winners, random people and dogs in costume.
PDF Files of Trial Results
Pictures From Dog House Arts

August 5/6:  PASA

HIT  winners Jr.Handler: Isaiah Winters & Buddy, Novice: Laura Lanfranci & Blaze (not pictured), Veteran/Overall: Sue Loeffler & Chip; Judge Karen Birdsong, Open: Nicole Watts & Jinn; Elite: Sue Rush & Piper (not pictured)  

And  the first two PASA ATCH winners of 2006 were Judy Frantzich & Maggie and Diana Land & Mr..

Tonya's 1st set of Pictures - Great Closeups of our dogs
Tonya's 2nd set of Pictures - More great shots of our dogs
Erika Maurer's Pictures
Jean's pictures including HIT & ATCH pictures
PDF files of the Trial Results

June 10/11:  Workin' Paws

Dave Connet poses with judge Pam Meek and Pepper.
HIT winners were Veteran/Overall Frank Butera & Roca, Elite Sue Loeffler & Kelly, Open Mona Nichols & Jackson, Novice Paul Tubiolo & Mickey.   And ...  the very first 2006 ATCH winner was Sue Loeffler & Kelly.

Tonya's Pictures - Great Closeups of our dogs
Jean's pictures plus HIT pictures

April 8/9:  PASA

HIT winners from the April 8/9 PASA Agility trial:  Warene Waters and Open"Kix";  Judge Ken Perlmutter; Jean Danver (not pictured) & Susan Paulsen and Overall "Chaps";  Valeria Williams and Novice Zoey; Diana Land and Veteran Mr.    Thanks to trial chair, Donna Highstreet, for making this such a successful event.

Tonya's Pictures - Great Closeups of our dogs
Jean's pictures plus HIT pictures

March 10/11:  Workin' Paws


HIT Winners from the March Workin' Paws trial:  Warene Waters and Veteran Shasta, Craig Paulsen and Open  Kaz, Karen Bria and Novice Sydney, Donna Highstreet and Elite Star.  Pictures from the trial can be view and purchased by following the links below:

Tonya's Pictures:  Great close-up dog shots
Jean's Pictures: Group and site shots and not so close up dog shots

February 25:  PASA Fun Match

Great weather and a good time.  Thanks to Sue Rush for organizing this event which made over $1000 for PASA.

Tonya's Pictures