Links to PDF Results Files of the August 5/6 PASA Agility Trial

Saturday Elite Gamblers Round 1
Saturday Open Gamblers Round 1
Saturday Novice Gamblers Round 1
Saturday Elite Gamblers Round 2
Saturday Open Gamblers Round 2
Saturday Novice Gamblers Round 2
Saturday Elite Regular Round 1
Saturday Elite Regular Round 2
Saturday Open Regular Round 1
Saturday Open Regular Round 2
Saturday Novice Regular Round 1
Saturday Novice Regular Round 2
Saturday Elite Jumpers Round 1
Saturday Open Jumpers Round 1
Saturday Novice Jumpers Round 1
Sunday Elite Gamblers Round 1
Sunday Open Gamblers Round 1
Sunday Novice Gamblers Round 1
Sunday Elite Regular Round 1
Sunday Elite Regular Round 2
Sunday Open Regular Round 1
Sunday Open Regular Round 2
Sunday Novice Regular Round 1
Sunday Novice Regular Round 2
Sunday Elite Jumpers Round 1
Sunday Open Jumpers Round 1
Sunday Novice Jumpers Round 1
Sunday Elite Jumpers Round 2
Sunday Open Jumpers Round 2
Sunday Novice Jumpers Round 2