2007 Agility Events

PASA held four agility trials in 2007 at Workin' Paws Ranch in Hollister, CA.
March 31/April 1 
June 2/3
August 4/5
October 13/14

October 13/14

October was another big trial.  We had a waiting list and some teams did not get in. The weather started out looking grim as the set-up people were putting out stakes in the rain on Friday in the dark.  But Saturday morning brought out the sun and everything was perfect from then on.  We had two judges.  Ken Perlmutter was our Saturday judge and Karen Birdsong was our Sunday judge.   The exhibitors had the fun of the alternate day judge joining them with their dogs.    The courses were fun an the elite gamblers really gave the teams a challenge.    We celebrated Linnea Shorey's birthday with a delicious cake on Saturday and exhibitors got a preview of Halloween when treat or treat bags were handed out with lunch on Sunday.    There was lots to celebrate with our dogs as well.  Krystal Emery and her red merle Aussie Rodeo earned their ATCH-SP on the second gamble run on Saturday.  Dave Connet and Megan earned her ATCH on the first regular run on Sunday.

This was the last trial in the Silver Buckle series.   Silver buckles were awarded to the teams with the most Qs in all of PASA's 2007 trials in Elite, Open, Novice, Veteran & Jr. Handler categories.    By Sunday after the regular runs all the winners were determined except for Veteran.  Three teams - Dave Connet with Megan, Dave Connet with Pepper and Erika Maurer with Tahoe.  The day started with Tahoe 1.5 points behind Pepper & Megan.   Megan missed a regular and two jumpers allowing Tahoe to pass her by.  But Pepper hung in there so there was only .5 points separating them going into the last round of jumpers.   Both Pepper and Tahoe Qed that round giving Pepper the buckle by .5 points.  

The 2007 Winners were.
  Veteran:  Dave Connet & Pepper
Elite: Jean Danver & Chaps
Open: Sandi Gaspar & Haylie
Novice:  Deborah Ogg & Porsche
Jr. Handler: Linnea Shorey & Kaz

                Dave Connet, Judge Karen Birdsong & ATCH Megan        Judge Ken Perlmutter, Krystal Emery & ATCH-SP Rodeo

Jr. Handler Leanna Shorey & Kaz, Elite Jean Danver & Chaps, Open Sandi Gaspar & Haylie, Novice Deborah Ogg & Porche, Veteran Dave Connet & Pepper

Final Silver Buckle Results with October Trial
Final Silver Buckle Results with all trials
Pictures from DogHouse Arts
Pictures from Pets and Their People Photography
Pictures Taken By Jean Danver
PDF files of Trial Results

August 4/5

Our August trial was very full of activities.  We had over 80 dogs competing.  The weather started out on the hot side, making us glad we were not competing in the Central Valley.  By Sunday, it was unseasonable cool; great for the dogs.  Judy Boone was our judge and she set out some great courses.  Jean Danver was trial chair/secretary; We had enough donations for an NQ raffle on both days. The trial produced one ATCH winner.  Chaps, handled by Jean Danver,  earned his ATCH-OP on the last regular run of the trial.  The competition level for High in Trial was very high.  The Novice winner, Porsche, turned in a perfect weekend, the first ever in the Silver Buckle trials, while the elite winner, Chaps  missed that with one 5 point Q. for a 9.5 out of 10 and the Veteran winner, Chase, scored 9 out of 10 Qs.  We had our first Jr. Handler winner of the year, Linnea Shorey, who handled Kaz.

This was the third trial in the Silver Buckle Series. 

ATCH-OP Winner Jean Danver & Chaps pose with Judge Judy Boone
Picture by Tonya Jenson

 High in Trial Winners: Jr. Handler: Linnea Shorey & Kaz;  Veteran: Erika Maurer & Chase; Elite: Jean Danver & Chaps;  Judge Judy Boone; Open: Sandi Gaspar & Haylie;  Novice: Debra Ogg & Porsche

PDF Files of Trial Results
Pictures Taken by Tonya Jenson
More Pictures Taken by Tonya Jenson
Pictures Taken by Jean Danver

June 2/3
June marked the beginning of a new season to collect those ASCA points.  Again the weather was great.  It was even on the cold side on saturday until the sun came out.  Everything went very smooth.  Everyone had fun with the "NQ" raffles on Saturday and Sunday.   Erika Maurer  was our trial secretary while Susan Laursen did the trial chair job.   This was a pretty quiet trial - no ATCHes or other awards.  Even so, Judge Pamela Bryant-Meeks found some things to celebrate, giving us an ATCH bar twirling show.
                        Judge Pamela Bryant Meeks twirling an ATCH Bar                                 A spectator looks on.

This was the 2nd trial in the Silver Buckle Series. 

PDF Files of Trial Results
Pictures taken by Jean Danver - mostly open/novice dogs, people and sideline shots.

March 31/April 1

Thanks to trial chair, Donna Highstreet and trial secretary, Dave Connet for a great trial.  The weather was outstanding and the atmosphere was very pleasant.  We had a little scare on Saturday when our judge, Jason Meeks,  was stranded in Texas because of weather.   Dave Grubel agreed to fill in until Jason arrived, sacrificing the first two runs for his dogs.   In spite of that handicap, his Aussie, Tahoe,  won the Veteran High in Trial. 

The  trial was almost full.  Saturday ran until almost dark.   We had our "NQ" raffle on Sunday which was a big hit.  We had three ATCH winners, all of them on a gamble.   Right away on Saturday Diana Land and Whoopie nailed the gamble and got that ATCH.   Stacey Fleischer and Cooper gave us a little more suspense by getting the difficult weave/teeter discrimination gamble Sunday morning.   The very next pair, Kristi Cetrulo and Cinder did the same.   It was pretty exciting. 
High in trial was pretty exciting, as well.  Open and Elite were decided in the last class with Star winning on a tie-breaker.  Veteran Tahoe had an amazing performance doing the best overall even though she was excluded from the first two runs when Dave was judge.

This was the first trial in the Silver Buckle Series. 

                       ATCH Winner Diana Land & Whoopie                                      ATCH Winner Stacey Fleischer & Cooper
              pose with Judges Dave Grubel and Jason Meeks                                     with Judge Jason  Meeks                                                                                              

 ATCH Winner Kristi Cetrulo & Cinder with Judge Jason Meeks    High in Trial Winners: Novice: Laurie Salter & Sunshine;
                                                                                                                         Open: Lisa Renville & Cooper; Elite: Donna Highstreet
                                                                                                                    &  Star;
  Veteran: Dave Grubel & Tahoe; Judge Jason Meeks
                                                                                                                                                   Photo by Erika Maurer of Slipstream Aussies.