Agility Trial 2005

On Saturday and Sunday, August 6/7, 2005, Peninsula Australian Shepherd Association (PASA) put on its’ annual agility trial at Manzanita Park in Prunedale, CA..  The judges were Susan Perry and Marj Vincent.  Trial Secretary was Erika Maurer. Other significant workers included our ring stewards, Donna Highstreet and Deb Dulaney; our head course builder, Dave Grubel; trial chair, Frank Butera; grounds & awards, Sue Roberts; food and awards, Warene Waters; chief scorer, Marcia Hodes and a host of other volunteers.

Two rings ran most of the day. Over 170 dogs were entered who ran in over 1400 runs.  It was a fabulous location.  The temperature and facilities were great.  A great big Thank You to the handlers who entered there dogs and to the workers who gave their all to make this a successful test.

The trial committee would also like to congratulate the following HIT (High in Trial) winners:

HIT Junior Handler: Reanna Sabbagh and Bravo (Belgian Tervuren)
HIT Veteran: Sue Loeffler and Chip (Aussie) - See Picture Below
HIT Novice: Caroline Winata and Milou (Portuguese Water Dog)
HIT Open: Bev Lewis and Beamer (Belgian Malinois)
HIT Elite: Mike Omartian and Allie (Aussie)
HIT Overall: Mike Omartian and Allie (Aussie)

In addition, Sue Loeffler earned two NATCHes at our trial: Chip (Aussie) earned his Versatility NATCH and HRH Kelly Louise Seabiscuit … (All American) earned her NATCH, both on Sunday under Marj Vincent!

There were lots of great wins and many dogs were in contention for HIT. Congratulations to all! And … because there were so many great dog and handler teams, we ran out of Q ribbons! If you are owed a Q ribbon and didn't sign up at the trial, contact Frank Butera at and let him know by Friday, August 26th. He will then order more ribbons and make sure that they are sent to you. Thanks for your patience.

You can view pictures from the trial at Doghouse Arts on their website,

Some Pictures Taken by Exhibitors Below - Click for bigger image.

To see a slide show of all 88 exhibitor pictures and/or purchase prints click the picture below.

Dog Walks are Such Fun to Sail Over!

Ring 2: Donna Highstreet, Andy Danver & Judge:  Marj Vincent

Dusty on ramp in ring 1

Score Table

Deb Dulaney & Sadie

Course Building

Some of Anne KaJava's students

Jay Danver with George Costa's dog, Cosmos

Anne Hershey  & Patch with Chaps looking

Relaxing between work sessions

Donna Highstreet scribes, Joan Danver times

Susan Paulsen & Surely

Fun with Tunnels

Jackson exits a tunnel

Susan Roberts

Warene Waters and Shasta

Marcia, Mona & Jackson take a break

Cindy Norman, Jazz  & new puppy relax

Frank Butera

Erika Maurer & Chase

Susan Loeffler & Chip


Paul Kirk &  Renzo


Roger & Clipper getting connected