Holiday Party 2006

Special thanks to Mona Nichols for providing her house for the party.  It was a great time.
The food was fantastic, the company great and the gift exchange was a riot!
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The whole group, except the Laursens

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Tree with all those grab bag gifts.  Most are for dog's except those bars of chocolate.

Table Set for Guests

Glen Stimpson cutting the smoked turkey he cooked with begger looking on.

Susan Roberts and Anne Hershey

Sunny shows off his Holiday costume

Do I wear it or is it a dog toy or both?
Lor Cox, Blanche & Glen Stimpson, Dave Connet

Isn't she pretty! Warene Waters just can't let the wrapping go to waste.
Andy Danver opens a gift again and again and again.....
Kim Newton shows off a real rubber chicken. 
Not quite sure what it is or who should wear it, but it must be interesting, just ask Sunny & Chaps.

Dave Connet:  I can't believe it!  A barking alarm clock!

Debee Cox and Susan Roberts reading the fine print on one of Glen's famous country Christmas CDs.