PASA Fun & Education Day
at Lion Rock Ranch, March 1, 2008

On Saturday March 1, 2008 PASA had an Education and Fun Day at Lion Rock Ranch in San Juan Batista.  There were three main events : Herding instinct testing, agility course and tracking demonstration. 
The herding stole the show.   Bob Ewing gave the instinct tests and most of the people either watched or watched while waiting their turn.   In face, most of the watchers eventually signed up.   We had a nested elite/novice agility course set up and there was never a line.  Susan Laursen and Jean Danver helped a couple of interested beginners.  At the end, Donna Highstreet gave a tracking demo with her dog, Rubi.  Rubi successfully found every article.  A number of people just enjoyed hiking around or wading in the creek with their dogs.

Thanks to Mona , who did most of the arrangements and lunch;  Maralise Howze & Geary Barnes for bringing the trailer with the agility equipment; Susan Larsen, Jean Danver and Dave Grubel for agility course building; Donna Highstreet for the tracking demo and all the people who volunteered to put everything away.

Erika Maurer's pictures
Jean Danver's pictures

Bob Ewing Evaluating a dog
Boy, is this fun!
Erika Maurer & Dave Grubel with Tahoe

Sunny puts them together
Donna Highstreet and Rubi tracking
Geary & Aussies watching the action.

Waiting for a chance to herd

Herding area & end of Agility area

Agility Area