Stock Trials 2009

PASA held it's stock trial this year at Fiona's Farm in Brentwood CA.   It was held over Halloween Weekend.  The weather was perfect.   Everyone had a great time!  Fiona had her place all spiffed up and ready for action.  She has been getting ready for this all year, so she probably didn't sleep well on Friday night!  The trial went GREAT!  The stock was wonderful, the judges, Rick Hardin and Maartin Walter were extremely competent, the people entered with their dogs had a great time, the food was delicious and plentiful, and .....   Everything went very smoothly!  Even the weather cooperated!   The dogs were amazing!  I don't have the entire results, but on Saturday Trish Alexander and her dog Windsongs True Grit (Duke) won HIT ducks, sheep, and cattle.  Sunday, Fiona and her wonder dog Twin Oaks Phoebe won HIT ducks, sheep, and cattle.  Fiona and Phoebe also won High Combined for the weekend!!   Lora did a great job organizing the ribbons and prizes as well as making some of the awards too!  Lora and Vista got some Q's too!  Thanks to Marcia for working in the house computing all of the results on the computer.  And thanks to the other PASA members who came to help, Karen Pratt, Susan Laursen, Mona Nichols, Linda Stamper, Gina C, and Warene Waters.  Please forgive me if I've forgotten anyone.!
  I'd say the PASA stock dog trial was a huge success!!!  I'm sure word will get around and next year it will be even bigger!  

Here are the biggies. Kobie (the BC) got his WTCH. Shiloh got her WTCH.
Sat am: HIT Sheep Brie, HIT Ducks Phoebe, HIT cattle Duke
Sat pm:                   Duke                  Duke                     Duke
Sun am:                  Zippin                 Phoebe                  Brie
Sun pm:                  Phoebe                Phoebe                  Phoebe
High In Trial is highest score for that stock for that trial....
For the total weekend, i.e. all four trials, each stock added up
Most promising started Aussie: Foster (only one that entered all and competed in all) Gina Laursen sprained her ankle, so did not finish all her runs with Dell
High Ducks: Phoebe
High Sheep: Phoebe
High Cattle: Phoebe
High Combined: Phoebe!!!!


                           Judge Maartin Walter, Phoebe with her wards and Fiona Hibbard    Judge Maarten Walter, Christi Claypool with her BC, Kobie, who earned his WTCH.
                                                                                                                                             Sal Manna (Yankee) & Susan Severns (Ausssie Shiloph).  Both earned a WTCH