Tracking Dog TD and TDX Test 2008

On Saturday February 16, 2008 Peninsula Australian Shepherd Association (PASA) put on a Tracking Dog (TD) Test and on Monday, February 18, a Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX) Test at Fort ORD, Salinas, CA.

The judges were Judy Strom and Sally Nesbitt.

Sue Rush was Test Secretary and Chief Tracklayer for both the TD and TDX tests. 

Tracklayers for the TD were Anne Hershey, Donna Highstreet,  Linda Lang, Joan Carpenter.  Tracklayers for the TDX were Susan Roberts,  Linda Knowles,  Lora Cox and Doug Nichols.  

The cross track layers were Doug Nichols, Marcia Hodes, Warene Waters, Dee Hutton and Janet Massolo.

We had a very successful tracking test!  The weather was gorgeous and the site was spectacularly beautiful.

Of the 6 TD tracks, there were 4 passes. 

The TD passes were Debi Best's Sprite (Golden Retriever), Liza Buckner's Taiko (Australian Shepherd), Marcia Hodes' Shane (Australian Shepherd),  Janet Massolo's Teak (Border Collie).  Kneeling are Judy Strom (judge) and Sally Nesbitt (judge).  Tracklayers Linda Lang, Joan Carpenter and Anne Hershey are standing behind.

Of the six TDX dogs who entered there were two passes.

The TDX passes were Rubi and Star, both Australian Shepherds, owned by Donna Highstreet (center).  Judge Judy Strom  is holding the ribbons and Judge Sally Nesbitt is holding the glove.  Tracklayers Linda Knowles and Susan Roberts are holding the flags.

Thanks to all tracklayers and cross tracks layers and to Mona Nichols, Anne Hershey, Donna Highstreet, Warene Waters and Marcia Hodes  for providing hospitality and Marc Rush and Linda Stamper for transporting everyone around!

All help was greatly appreciated!

Many thanks to Sally Nesbitt and  Judy Strom who judged for us. I thought they both did an exceptional job plotting interesting, fun and challenging tracks!

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