Tracking Dog TD and TDX Test 2011

Peninsula Australian Shepherd Association put on its sixth annual ASCA sanctioned TD and TDX tests over Presidents' Weekend at Fort Ord, an enormous parkland developed from a decommissioned military base, just inland from Monterey, California. The eight TD tests was plotted on Friday and run on Saturday.  Also on Saturday were two TDX tests.    Six more TDX tracks were plotted on Sunday and run on Monday.   Our judges were Anne Hershey of Hillsborough, CA and Judy Strom of Whitehall, MT

The Fort Ord site is hilly but gorgeous, and this year the cover was lush and ankle deep. PASA has obtained special permission from the BLM to use a portion of the park that is closed to motor vehicles, so the space is quiet and pristine. Later in the season the slopes will be grazed by flocks of sheep.  Actually, there were already some sheep out there.

The weather was true to this year's season.

Yes there were sheep and foul weather gear a plenty!


Workers taking advantage of the hospitality.    In spite of the weather a tracklayer and a tracking dog can have fun.

Monday's TDX passes, Donna Highstreet & Rubi (2nd ASCA TDX) and Joan Carpenter & Rocky flanked by Judges Anne Hershey and Judy Strom

Saturday's TD passing dogs. They are Laura Sasaki and her Australian Shepherd, Kiss My Grits; Maia Halvorse and her Chinook, Cleo; Judy Knorr and her Portuguese Water Dog, Cortereal Electra; Hazel Olbrich and her St. Bernard, Reema; Rita Crawford and her Shetland Sheepdogs, Scout and Icon


Linda Stamper was the TD and TDX Test Secretary for Saturday's TD and TDX tests. Donna Highstreet was the chief tracklayer for Saturday's TD and TDX tests.   Lora Cox served as Test Secretary and as Chief Tracklayer for Monday's TDX tests. Liza Buckner was the chief tracklayer for the tests run on Saturday, all the TD tests and 2 TDX tests.  Donna Highstreet was there with her motor home  parked at the staging area.

Many thanks to our outstanding TD and TDX tracklayers and people providing support and hospitality. They included Mona Nichols, Michelle Pressel, Maggie Guthrie who did driving, Mona Nichols and Ken Highstreet who provided hospitality and our tracklayers Diane Aven, Joan Carpenter, Marcia Hodes, Janet Massolo, Susan Roberts, Sue Rush, Linda Stamper and Donna Highstreet.


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