Tracking Trial 2005

On Sunday, January 16, 2005, Peninsula Australian Shepherd Association (PASA) put on its’ first annual Tracking Dog (TD) Test at Arastradero Nature Preserve, Palo Alto, CA.  The judges were Barbara Adcock and Dr. William T. Beauchamp.  Test Secretary was Anne Hershey, Chief Tracklayer was Sue Rush.

Six TD tracks were offered, and all six entered dogs passed the test!  What a wonderful day for all of us, and  a wonderful beginning for  PASA’s tracking test. program!  A great big Thank You to the handlers who entered these well-trained dogs, and to the workers who gave their all to make this a successful test.

Passing dogs were:

            Track #1:  Donna Highstreet’s “Star,” the only ASCA registered Aussie entered in this test, a bitch who is expecting a litter of puppies and is only two weeks away from her whelping date!
         Track #2:  Rita Crawford’s OTCH Sheltie dog, “Cody,” who passed his AKC TD in the spring of 2004.

         Track #3: Suzanne Bria’s Golden Retriever dog, “Finnegan,” who passed his AKC TD in the spring of 2004.

         Track #4: Margaret Reed’s Belgian mixed breed dog.

         Track #5: Deborah Best’s Golden Retriever bitch, “Merry.”

         Track #6:  Judy Butler’s Beauceron dog, “Phantom,” who passed his AKC TD in the winter of 2004.

Tracklayers were PASA members Lois Allen-Byrd, Marcia Hodes, and Sue Rush, and PAFTA members Ziv Gigus and Denise Gilbert.  Drivers were PASA members Virginia Lewis and Glen and Blanche Stimpson.  Warene Waters made the beautiful paw print stepping stone trophies; Marcia Hodes selected and ordered the tracking ribbons; Donna Highstreet did double duty by making delicious soups for Sunday lunch and bringing her motor home for hospitality shelter.
It was a beautiful weekend, after weeks of continuous rain, beautiful cover and conditions, and a beautiful test.


Some Pictures - Click for bigger image.

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Anne Hershey

Trial Home Base

Heading to Track

Out in the field

Returning from the Field

Glenn, Marcia & Warene


Ready to Track

New Pup Meets Chaps


Sheltie Winner

End of the Day

Star gets her Award

Judges Gifts

Donna, Star & Judges

Psoing with Judges

Posing with Judges

Judges, dogs & Handlers

Great Lunch