Memorials to Some of PASA's Most Loved Pets Who Are Waiting At the Rainbow Bridge


8/10/2005 - 9/21/2020
Loved By Laurie Preston

The video tells it all.



8/1/2005 - 7/3/2020
Loved By Sara McAulay

"Representin' for Rescues"



ADCH-Br, ATCH V, A-CH Windmill's Djinn Fizz, AX, AXJ, CD
4/20/2004- 12/09/2019
Loved By Nichole Watts

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." - Ted Geisel



October 5, 2005 - June 6, 2020
Loved By Mimi Steele

Rosemary ASCA TD - II AKC TD
June 11, 2007 - June 4, 2020
Loved by Linda Stamper

Rose was, at heart,  a tracking dog.  The first ASCA TD was the first run of a foggy day on a very wet lushly track at a PASA Ft. Ord test.  She ran it very quickly.  The second was several years later at mid-day on an extremely dry, almost completely brown, track at  a PASA Ft. Ord test which took her about ten minutes longer.  Rose had one AKC TD title done near Folsom while huge flocks of migrating birds flew over.

Rose was the first dog out of her sire, Merlin, 
to earn a tracking title, therefore putting Merlin into the next level of "sires".


December 18, 2005-October 28, 2019
Loved By Marilise Howze


Loved By Mona and Doug Nichols


February 1, 2005- March 12, 2019

Much Loved by Donna and Ken Highstreet

It was with great sadness and many tears that Ken and I said goodbye to our beloved, precious Rubi on March 12.
She was the best little red Aussie ever, and brought us over 14 years of love, joy, adventure, and so many friends.
As a baby puppy, Rubi was the first one in her litter that we decided we shouldn’t keep. As the smallest puppy, she played so hard and tugged so ferociously, we thought her personality might clash with her mother Star. We went with our hearts tho, and kept the red pup. She ended up being perfect for us, and she rarely tested Stars bossiness. Rubi didn’t care much about other dogs, but preferred to socialize with people. She could get almost anyone to tug with her. A stranger could be standing there and suddenly find themselves tugging with her. Rubi was very tenacious and had an indomitable spirit, always giving 110% in everything.
Rubi and I competed in two very different sports. She started her tracking career at 8 weeks old, excelled greatly, and passed every ASCA and AKC field tracking test that we entered. It was truly thrilling to just hang on to my tracking line and watch Rubi methodically work out complex cover changes and obstacles. I trusted my dog, and she was definitely in charge! Of course, after finding the glove at the end of each track, she insisted we play tug with it! We were honored to be the first team to earn the ASCA Master Tracker title.
As methodical as she was at tracking, Rubi was the exact opposite in agility. She had little impulse control at the start line or for staying on contacts(I know it was mostly my fault). She would blast around the course at full speed, barking with joy the whole time. I had such a hard time keeping up with her. Sometimes it felt like we were racing each other! She could get lots of other dogs barking, and I know people loved to watch her. She was such an exhilarating dog to run, always a thrill for me! She retired from competition last November, but we continued going to class until about 6 weeks ago, because she loved it so much.
Rubi had 2 litters of puppies. The first was with Taiko( Slipstream Imperial Drumbeat), born in 2010. Boca, Camper, Chime, Slyder, and Tug. The second litter was with Bart( Twin Oaks Black Bart II), born in 2013. Boots, Cole, Echo, Nikki, Rylee, Logan. We were finally ready for another puppy, and we kept Logan. He would play-bow and cajole Rubi into chasing him around the house every day. Rubi liked to taunt Logan with a toy and the run behind furniture so he couldn’t grab it from her. They made us laugh so much! It’s so great to get to see Rubi’s other kids, grandkids, and great grandkids out there having a blast and carrying on her legacy.
Most of all, Rubi was our loving, happy, loyal, spoiled family member. She truly led a life that would be the envy of any dog; going hiking, camping, and on many RV trips with us. We will so miss looking into those amber eyes, and playing tug, and yes, I think we might even miss all of that barking!!
Rubi-doo, you were the best!!! We love you forever and cherish all of our memories together. RIP sweet girl, we’ll meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

More Rubi Pictures


Much Loved by Erika Maurer


SVCH WITCH Windmill's Need for Speed
3/3/2003 - 7/24/2018
Breed, owned, handled and loved by Gina Larson

Maddie and Piper

Maddie and Piper
Much Loved by Sue Rush

Maddie and Piper will always be in my heart forever. They were full sisters,  always joined at the hip. Very similar, yet different. It’s going to be very difficult to not have them in my life anymore. 

July 15, 2000 - February 20, 2018

Maddie was my first agility dog and she loved the sport immensely. Always up for working, she would give 110% because she enjoyed it so much. Nothing really fazed her, she just had a presence about her. She and I connected the day I met her at 5 weeks old when she came up, sat in my lap and stared into my eyes. Couldn’t have asked for a better dog. She had brilliant work ethic and was a fantastic agility dog (super tight turns!) and an even better tracking dog. Her favorite thing was to travel in the RV and her ball. Madeline Silvercheeks, I will miss you forever.

January 22, 2002 - July 16, 2018
ATCH ADCH-Bronze PDCH-Bronze LAA-Gold Vaquero’s Piper’s Picnic GCH-G JCH-P SCH-P RCH-P TM-P ASCA/AKC TDX

Piper was such a joy to run. We had so much fun on the course and made a pretty good team with many successes. She was very athletic, fast and easy to run. She always knew what to do and I miss running her so much. Tracking was another passion and she excelled at that as well. But mostly she was a great companion who loved hiking and going to the beach and traveling to interesting places. Piper was full of life and enjoyed everything we did together. Her favorite place was the beach where she would dig giant holes and chase the ball. Fly high Pipes! You always could. 


Owned and Loved By Glen and Blance Stimpson


Owned and Loved By Tract and Scott Lovelis




1/19/05 - 2/21/18

Much Loved by Maggie Guthrie

Corgi, the little red dawg, left us on the 21st. She was my heart dog, my 1st in many ways. She was my 1st Aussie, and addicted me to the breed. She was the
1st dog I put a title on myself. She was the 1st dog I did rally with, the 1st dog I trialed on stock. The 1st and probably the only Corgi to attend not one but 3 ASCA Nationals.

 Corgi was purchased as an agility dog, when my mixed breed Tim made it clear he was ‘all done’ with the sport. But over her 13 years, she became so much more. She earned titles in 3 agility programs- ASCA, USDAA, and CPE. With a better handler she probably would have gone much further. Many people helped us become a better team over the years, and I will always be grateful to them. She was titled in AKC & ASCA Obedience & Rally.

 At age 5, I took her to try working sheep and her passion was found. She would work sheep every day until she dropped if we had let her. She did other sports because I asked her; she worked sheep because she loved it. With a lot of help & encouragement, in 2016, I trialed her myself on ducks at ASCA Nationals. We never Q’ed, but it was still the proudest moment of my life. The Advanced Trial Dog Sheep that she earned with my friend, Trish, handling was the highlight of her career.

 Corgi’s vet found the tumor on her spleen on Valentine’s Day. She went into surgery to have it removed on the 21st. She was happy, smiling that Aussie smile. She had spent the night before romping with Ruger, played that morning. I had kissed her head, gotten a slurp in return, and told her I loved her. When the vet called to tell me the tumor had started to bleed, and that there were lesions on her liver, I made the only decision I could, and let her go while she slept. She never got a Championship before or after her name, but she was a champion in my eyes. I will miss her every day of my life, and always be grateful for the many worlds she introduced me to. 

That’ll do, little girlie.’ Rest well, and work the flocks in Heaven until we meet again.



Sky Hi’s Truley Scrumptious
2/16/07 - 12/1/2017

Much Loved by Jo and Fred Delvy

On December 1st, 2017 we said good bye to our lovely gal, Truely Scrumptious! She gave up her battle with Cancer and passed away just 2 months shy of her 11th Birthday!
We met Truely and brought her home when she was already 1 year and 10 months. Her time with us with much too short!
Truely was such a fun dog and what adventures we had together!
I have owned and loved Aussies in the past, but she was a first for me in many ways. I didn’t know what Rally was before Truely. We trained and learned Rally together and even entered into the show ring. This was another first! We made our share of mistakes, but still won ribbons and titles in both ASCA and AKC in Advanced A and B. We attended ASCA Nationals in Oregon (2016), and won our Advanced Title, then went on to place 2nd in a Team Rally event. Most recently we participated in an AKC Rally Masters Training Video.
Truely, we miss you so much. The house is so quiet without you. At times it seems as if you are still here rummaging through your toy box to find the “perfect” toy to play with for the day! If only this could be true, dear Truely!
Friends and neighbors still wonder and ask about you.
And, the Kitties, Larry, Moe and Mom still look for you outside!
Now at least you are pain free! Run Truely -- Run Free and Without Pain at the Rainbow Bridge. Until we meet again! Love from your Mom and Dad!


3rd  2012 ASCA Finals
Veteran HIT 2016 ASCA Nationals Trial
July 14, 2007 - February 4, 2017

Much Loved By Susan Laursen

World's Greatest Mama's Boy


Scout GS-N JS-N RS-N
October 9, 2002 - November 17, 2016

Much Loved By Nancy Stucker


February 6, 2006 - July 18, 2016

Much Loved By Jenny Hutchinson

So heartbroken to say that I said goodbye to my devoted heartdog Zoey on Monday. I will miss her forever. 


August 7, 2000 - July 1, 2016
Much Loved By Anne and Will Hershey

Mittens would have been 16 years old on August 7.   Mittens slept a lot during her final two years, but she could rouse herself for walks, meals, and going  through the dog door to take care of her business out of doors  --- she knew the routine and promoted it.  Last night was different:  she  simply collapsed.   She couldn’t get up, even with help from us, and she didn’t seem to recognize us.  She lost bowel and bladder control.   Our five-year-old male, Kestrel, sniffed her and knew something was wrong.  I put a towel under her.   This morning she still was lying on that towel on  the kitchen floor.   She didn’t lift her muzzle to sniff my  face.   She had left us.  So we did what we knew we had to do.

    Mittens was  a darling  black bi-colored puppy with four white paws and a white shirt front.  Our four-year-old granddaughter, Shasta Tresan, named her “Mittens.”   The puppy  started out with enormous stamina and drive, and she developed into  an excellent tracking dog--- she earned her AKC TD title at age 7 months, on her first attempt.  She passed her AKC TDX at age 2 years at Bear Creek Pheasant Farm near Eugene, OR.   In her prime, I used her as  a demo-dog for my tracking classes.  She earned TD and TDX titles in ASCA Tracking as well.    She entered several VST tests and  nearly passed two of them, but “nearly” isn’t good enough for a Tracking  pass.  She lost confidence at age 11, so I retired her from entering tests. 

  Mittens had severe  bilateral congenital hip dysplasia, diagnosed on x-ray at age 4 years.  We had trained Agility  and earned some novice titles early on,  but I  gave up on Agility soon after her diagnosis.    She was a dedicated natural retriever and loved to retrieve sticks from the surf at Pacific Ocean beaches--- she would swim out and retrieve forever, it seemed.   I’ve owned Aussies since 1989, and each one has had a different personality.  Mittens was very friendly toward people--- really loved people, even strangers,  an unusual trait for Aussies.   But she disliked other dogs, and other dogs disliked her--- she wasn’t  actively aggressive, but she curled her lip and warned other dogs away when  they approached her.  I always have had two Aussies at a time, and Mittens had issues with my other females, Blaze and Patch.   So it wasn’t until  our male Aussie, Kestrel,  joined the family that Mittens had a real dog companion.  Thanks to advice from Susan Roberts, I kept Mittens and Kestrel crated near each other but physically separated for Kestrel’s  first  5 months in the household.  As Mittens relaxed, we all took walks together, and finally the dogs became “friends.”  Kestrel always  has been very solicitous of Mittens, and he will miss her as much as we do. 

    Mittens passed on peacefully.   I held her close and told her she was a “Good dog” and that we loved her.  What more can we do?    I had to say goodbye. I've known it was coming for a while, but that still doesn't make it any easier.



Jole' Cajun Chaps
July 30, 2003 - April 16, 2016

Owned and Loved By Jean Danver

Shortly after 6 pm Saturday, April 16, 2016, Chaps died of heart failure while we were carrying him into Adobe Animal Hospital.

I could tell this was coming on since Thursday. He gradually could walk less and less before dropping down to pant for awhile to get his breath back. By Saturday morning, he could only go about 30 feet before dropping down to pant and rest for a few hours. At that point I knew I was loosing him. Still, he was Chaps to the end, making sure he ate his breakfast and went to the bathroom outside off the lawn. He was happy about the prospect of taking an evening walk even though he only got as far as about ten feet beyond the garage.

The entire Danver family was grief stricken. Chaps was a large part of my life and my family's life over the past 12 years and other people's lives were touched by him as well. Last time we were downtown, someone, I didn't even know, ran a whole block just to pet him.

Chaps was adored by my parents' nursing home, where he played the roll of therapy dog, though he never had any training. Gayle at the Chamber of Commerce building loved to have him do tricks for her for a treat or 2 or 3. The first day we were in Williamstown he embraced the group walking their dogs in the athletic field and that was all it took to become a member of the community. And there was tracking and agility. We went to ASCA Nationals 7 times making friends from all over the country, not to mention Bayteam, SMART, PASA, the folks at WAG, the New England agility folks and AKC communities, friends, children's friends and neighbors. Chaps just had a way of crawling into people's hearts.

Running Chaps in agility was like being in a magically connected 30-45 second world. He had an amazing ability to figure out what we were supposed to do together. Sure we had mess ups, 99.9% of them mine, but that was not often.

By the time he died he had earned 28 agility championships in five different venues, was the 3rd dog to earn an ASCA Master Tracking Dog title and won the Double Digit Agility Finals Champion award at ASCA Nationals two years in a row. He was a PASA Silver Buckle winner seven times. And earned multiple top ten USDAA awards for the past seven years.  But it wasn't the achievements that meant the most.  Chaps was always happy and his happiness made me happy.

Chaps was stricken over night on February 7, 2016 with auto-immune encephlitis.  We thought he would be cured, but the muscle wasting side effects of medication got his heart in the end.   It doesn't seem fair that Chaps was robbed of his old age by this brain disease. He deserved a few years of just taking walks and tending to his bone relocating projects. But then, maybe he didn't see it that way. A long wonderful life and only a couple of months.

Damn I miss you, Chaps, It is going to take awhile.


March 27, 1999 - October 8, 2015
Much Loved By Dave Connet

Today I had to say goodbye. I've known it was coming for a while, but
that still doesn't make it any easier.

She had a very good 3-day weekend in Carson City NV walking around and
saying HI to all her friends at the ASCA show. She was nice and perky at
Denny's class last night and when we got up this morning. But in that
time between breakfast and leaving for work, she told me it was time.
I'll miss you sweetie... We had a good run (she retired in Sept 2010).
1395 lifetime runs. 831 Qs. Run fast and fun now...

SCh-Silver PKCH-Silver PSCH-Bronze PJCH-Bronze PRM PTM


July 26, 2002 - April 26, 2015
Much Loved By Kathy Murphy


 One day in 2002
I suddenly decided I needed something exciting and new
Somehow my heart became set on getting a puppy
Of course from a breeder as I was a bit of a yuppy

My friend Joanna told me her Australian Shepherd was an absolute thrill
And that I should call this place called Heatherhill
So I gave them a ring and assured them that I had no plans to compete or show
And they told me their partner had a new pet litter just a few weeks ago

So I drove to Arroyos and saw the cutest puppy with one brown eye and the other one blue
And I literally squealed out loud, “Why just look at you!”

Of course before I knew it I had paid my money and put my new pup in the car
And prepared for the drive home which was rather far
And the breeder waved good-bye with some obvious fear
For my ability to care for this dog was not at all clear

Until that time my sphere of responsibilities revolved pretty firmly just around me
And I had no idea how much interference one small dog would be
Well, it quickly became a battle of wills
Not to mention a whole new stack of unexpected bills

She peed on the carpet, she chewed up my shoes
She barked in her crate and I didn’t know what to do
So I enrolled in puppy classes at Planet Pooch
And stoically resolved that this dog would not drive me to drinking too much hooch

We flunked the first set of classes
But I refused to hang my head in front of the masses
So we signed up and took them again
It went a little bit better but I still didn’t win

Then life threw me a curve ball
And circumstances forced me to admit that my boyfriend of seven years was really a louse
And it was time for me and nine-month old Kanga
To move out of his house

So off to a new place we went
And for the first time I paid a mortgage
Instead of just rent

In many ways this was a new start to my life
And I easily could have become lonely and bitter after experiencing such strife
But Kanga wouldn’t have it and insisted each day
Life is meant to be fun and we must go out and play!

And because of my adorable dog
I met my new neighbors in the Pacifica fog
And hiking and dog classes became such a treat
Because of the friends we made and the people we’d meet

I learned the joys of walking in the rain, in the hills, and on the beach
And that Kanga had many life lessons to teach
And often I’d catch myself just grinning from ear to ear
Simply because I was in the presence of this dog who had become so very dear

Problems at work seemed of little significance
When I came home to Kanga who would give me a happy dance
She’d hang her head coyly and show me all her teeth
And wiggle her butt frantically to an imaginary beat

And like all good relationships
We had our own private jokes and rituals
Touch noses and assume the treat position
Became great fun and habitual

And because Kanga was not just incredibly cute but also so smart and so fast
She began excelling in dog classes, at last!
Whether it was herding or agility
Rally or utility
She gave me her best which became pretty good
And I grew to think of her as the little dog who could

And with no schedule to check or concerns about time
She became my favorite travel buddy who’d take off with me on a dime
Jaunts to Carmel and Mendocino were such a blast
And as Kanga got older, I prayed that each trip would not be our last

But our favorite thing of all
Were our trips to Lake Tahoe each spring, summer and fall
We’d hike in the mountains and she’d swim in the lake
And she’d show pure exuberance that just couldn’t be fake

Also best was at night when I turned off the light
She’d find me in the dark and kiss me good night
She instinctively knew it was a gesture I’d need
And I’d fall asleep thankful for all of her good deeds

The first time I heard the term “Heart Dog” I needed no explanation
For Kanga personified it beyond my wildest imagination
She taught me to love without condition
And she knew how to make me laugh just by her own intuition

Simply put, Kanga has been a constant source of pride and joy
I  love her with all my heart and soul, oy!
From her cute furry face to her wiggly butt
She was never just a dog or a mutt

For more than twelve years
She’s been my constant companion and my dearest friend
I cannot bear to write about the end…

In closing I hope that you can clearly see
How much my wonderful Kanga has meant to me


Merlin's Magical Moment 11/23/00-3/16/15
Much Loved By Tracy and Scott Lovelis

Today we had to help Merlin over the Rainbow Bridge. We got him exactly 14 years ago, as a 5 month-old rescue, and he has been a huge part of our hearts ever since. Always had a toy in his mouth, and made friends with everybody. Merlin, Merlie, Squirrely Merlie, the will be missed.



May 21, 2002 - May 18, 2015
Deeply Loved By Warene Waters

I said goodbye to Kix last week. I have said goodbye to her almost
every week for three days at a time since she was a puppy. But this time
was different, she was leaving me, and not coming home.

Kix was my dream agility dog and our (hers and mine) cataract
nightmare! She was my highest high and my lowest low.

One day we will be able to look each other in the eyes and you will grin
that rare and priceless "Aussie grin" and wiggle that wild and crazy
butt and we will rejoice!

Now you are free to race the wind as fast and furious, long and far as
the desires of your heart. Running with total abandon and barking with
pure joy! RUN my Kix......... RUN............RUN.........

Happy Trails,


February 21, 2015
Much Loved By Karen Pratt


December, 2013
Much Loved By Fiona Hibbard


December, 2013
Much Loved By Susan Laursen


2003-September, 2013
Much Loved By Mona Nichols
Best Friend of Chaps Danver


Much Loved By Liza Buckner



Much Loved By Marcia Hodes



Much Loved By Rick Anderson



Much Loved By Pam Porter
March 20, 2000 - January 11, 2013

You were the true definition of a Velcro Dog.  You were my best friend, my constant companion and my smile.
Thank you for sharing your 13 years with me.  I will always love you and I miss you terribly.



Owned and Loved By Donna & Ken Highstreet
Favorite Images

We said goodbye to our beautiful Star.  She was an extraordinary companion and we will miss her dynamic presence so very much. Three weeks ago she was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. We spent 8 more days in the Sierra, camping in areas where we have taken our dogs for many years and spent two weeks at home before ending suffering.

Star was a very strong minded, smart dog who approached life at full speed and gave 100% in everything she did.  She always wanted to be involved in everything.  She was a very powerful dog on the agility course, although she probably could have gone even faster if she didn't bark so much!  We argued for years about staying on contacts until released, and about start lines! Being the independent dog she was, she was great at Gamblers! Those of you who know Star, know that food was of utmost importance to her!  She also had a very naughty streak in her, stealing food whenever possible, one time eating almost an entire apple pie right before we left for agility class!  She was quite the Pig-Dog!  If it wasn't out of reach, she would get it.  I got more careful about this as time went on, but every now and then Star would score a big one! We could go on and on about Star and her life.  Although she died sooner than we would have liked (13 1/2), Star definitely led a fun, quality life, getting to do dog sports, hike, camp, travel in the RV and just hanging with us.  A life any dog would envy.  And we are thankful that she was able to do the things she enjoyed up until the end of her life.  Wed. she stole a bag of nuts off the counter while I was gone, and that night she was playing ball with me in the living room. Ken and I will miss so many things about Star, the way she always greeted you at the door with a toy in her mouth, carrying her food bowl in after eating so she would get a treat, miss all that barking!, miss her hitting us on the leg with her nose to let us know she was there.  Star enriched our lives greatly, and we will always hold her close in our hearts.


Owned and Loved By Susan Carsen
May, 1995 - July 2010

"It is in the image in the mind that links us to our lost treasures; but it is the loss that shapes the image, gathers the flowers, weaves the garland."  Colette


Owned and Loved By Nancy Resetar
1999-March, 2012

Chance could be the most famous PASA dog of all time.  This honor was bestowed on him when he won best of show at Crufts in England, the most famous of all the bench shows.  We all had the pleasure of watching him get interviewed on British TV.

Chance was much more than a very beautiful dog.  He earned titles in agility and herding in both ASCA and AKC and sired many accomplished dogs in many dog sports as well as the show ring.  His passing was felt by all of us at PASA and, probably, the entire Australian Shepherd community.

Too soon gone from our lives, but forever in our hearts.

Tim O'Shanter

Owned and Loved By Margaret, Kyle and Corgi Guthrie
1998 - May 2, 2011

Tim O'Shanter, CGC, Therapy Dog, and clown prince of agility, passed over the Rainbow Bridge May 2, 2011 with Kyle & Maggie in attendance, at his vet's office. Tim was roughly 13 years old, a ripe old age for a large mixed breed.  He spent the last 11 years of his life with us.

Tim was adopted from Monterey SPCA at age 2, as my anniversary present to myself. At age 4, he became my introduction to the wonderful world of canine performance sports, when we attended an agility workshop in search of something to keep him- and me- busy. He managed a single CPE Standard Q over his career, much preferring to hang out at the score table where he could score pats and food.

His shining occupation was 3 years as a certified therapy dog at SVMH, where his gentle nature won over even shy patients. He helped awaken a gentleman from a coma one day at 'work', and if he was a couch potato for the rest of his years, that one moment shows how valuable and meaningful an adopted dog's life can be to the humans around him.

Tim leaves behind many friends, his groomer of 11 years, Tami Baloy, and Corgi the Aussie. His ashes will be spread at Big Sur, near the river he loved to splash around in .

Too soon gone from our lives, but forever in our hearts.


Auroral's Glacier Blue Ice
July 1996 - February 5, 2011 - 14.5 years old
Owned and Loved By George & Blanche & Robert Stimpson

Icee was the litter sister of Auroral's Crimson Tuxedo (Tuxedo) died at age 9 years of heart problems.
Sire: Bar-Ks Aurora Australis (Rory)
Dam: Twin Oaks Auroras Megan (Megan)

She was the last of our Auroral line (from Gold Nugget and Twin Oaks), born 10 days premature and my bottle baby for 3 days when her mother took her back. She was always a sweetie. She had a natural bobbed tail with a bend in it.  When she was really happy she carried that bent tail like a flag which was always worth a chuckle.  She was so weak at birth that it was not hand bobbed as we thought she would die.  


Granite's Patch of Sunshine TDX NA NAJ NG

Loved by Anne and Will Hershey

Died of cancer at a young age January, 2011.  Patch's love for life was infectious.    
Everyone who met her had their spirits lifted.


Died over the holidays 2010.   Owned and Loved by Virginia Lewis


Oxford's this CAPPUCCINO for Ewe 

9/24/1999 --- 11/26/2010

Loved by Pamela Richards

Capp was "Mr. zero to sixty", the "Energizer Bunny" and "Mr. Happy".  He
made my life and I hope me better. I miss him terribly.


7/18/1998 – 2/25/2009
Owned and Loved By Dave Grubel & Erika Maurer

Tahoe gave us over 10 great years of companionship, competitive victories, and unquestionable love and loyalty.  We are so grateful that we were able to share that time with her as she enriched our lives with her caring nature, her sensibility, and her love of just running full out.

We’ll miss her toothy grins and snorts, her gleeful howls, the glint in her eye while flying over a-frames, her joyful parades with the slipper or Frisbee, her presence (“the anvil”) on the bed, and her white blaze and clear blue eye staring out the front window.  We’re sure the mailman won’t miss her warning salvos as he attempted to deliver our mail, but we know we will. 

After a somewhat rocky start (including a-frame perching and zoomies), she had a great career in agility, recently competing in Scottsdale making the 2008 USDAA PSJ and PGP finals and taking 2nd in the ASCA Veteran Agility Finals in Las Vegas.  She enjoyed agility, but most of all she enjoyed running with Dave.  Her love of the sport grew through her bond with him, and there are many of us who will miss seeing the two of them take the line to prepare for yet another exhilarating run of daring front crosses, linear accelerator a-frames and now and then even a gratuitous “boof” from Tahoe, especially on rear crosses.

So now she is at rest, joining her canine soulmate, Chase.  She will live on in our memories and our hearts, and of course in her kids.

We love you, T, and thank you for all you’ve given us. 




WTCH Hangin' 5 Workin' Class Cosmo
1987 – 9/12/08
Owned and Loved By George Costa, Susan & Kraig Paulsen
and loved by Jean & Chaps Danver

We feel very fortunate to have had the privilege of knowing and loving such a wonderful Aussie.  Not only was "Cosmo" a classic working Australian Shepherd, but most importantly he had a wonderful heart.  "Cosmo" loved to be involved and to just be loved; he liked to be the ambassador at the house greeting all that came. His heart also applied to his work ethic, he would always give his best.   What is wonderful is you see "Cosmo" in his offspring..."Surely" is 100% her fathers' image, and "Chaps" has his father's heart, so we will get to see "Cosmo" in another form for many years to come.
We will never forget "Cosmo".


2/12/93 – 8/1/08

Owned and Loved By Jo and Fred Delvey
You were a true friend and a faithful companion. Your unconditional love and companionship will be greatly missed. We still listen for you to come running down the hall with one of your toys for us to toss. You were an Aussie through and through, always ready to play and have fun even at the end when you were very ill! You were the Mascot of Country Vista Court and all the neighbors and kids miss seeing you and playing with you! Until we meet again, have fun my dear friend SARA running and playing with all your friends at Rainbow Bridge.


Born  - Died December 27, 2008
Loved by Lora Cox


Born July 7, 1998  - Died November 28, 2007
Loved by Dave Grubel & Erika Maurer

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Chase.  He went peacefully after a brief but valiant fight against a reaction to his first chemotherapy treatment.
  Unwanted by his original owners, we were extremely lucky to find him when he was 13 months old.  He was the “first” for us in so many ways – first dog of our adult lives, first Aussie, first agility dog, and so much more.  He had more character and soul than most people and had a great presence about him (with or without the barking soundtrack).  He was comforting, forgiving, pushy, patient, good natured and always ready for action.  He loved to learn patterns that meant fun was about to happen, and would scream or wag his nub with excitement at the sight of us going to the leash rack, putting on shoes, or driving up to a field with agility equipment. 
  While our hearts feel empty , we know that he has made us better people by having shared the past 9 years with us.  In that time he introduced us to so many friends across the country, opened the door to new experiences, taught us about competition, and most of all how to have fun.  In short he was a wonderful companion and teacher. 
  He leaves us with many great memories, not *all* of which involve barking.  Here are a few:
  --He was so gentle and trusted that he was the only dog that Tahoe would allow into the whelping box to greet her puppies. 
  --When Dave was traveling every week on business, Chase became a well-known visitor to the Albuquerque airport, sailing through security (pre 9/11) and energetically greeting Dave at the gate. 
  --He would bark so loudly during agility class that the instructor would almost always say, “just put a toy in his mouth!” – after which he would prove that he could bark almost as loudly with a toy in his mouth as without. 
  --He loved to be groomed so much that one time when he saw me pull out the grooming box he jumped up on top of the covered barbecue thinking that it was the grooming table. 
  --Earning the nickname “Sir Barks-a-lot”, he would always bark loudly on the start line, letting Dave know that it was time to scramble for the camcorder to record the run (because we never knew what would happen but it was usually entertaining).
  Rest well, sweet Mister.   We know that you’re now happily barking, chasing squirrels and getting someone to throw the Frisbee for you at the Bridge. 



Loved by Marcia Hodes

Auroral's Crimsion Tuxedo
'Tux or Tuxedo'

Born July 7, 1996  - Died February 1, 2006

Tux was born in the Stimpson's living room to
Bar-K's Aurora Australis CD, CDX "Rory'
Twin Oaks' Aurora's Megan CD 'Megan'

Tux was an exceptional dog to Glen Stimpson as well as to Blanche and Robert.
Tux's love and affection was unconditional and visible when he would sit and look at Glen and 'his' other family members.
The ten months we had after his diagnosis of Dialiated Cardiomyopathy with a suggested life span of three months was very special.


Born August 7, 1994  - Died October 21, 2005
Loved by Maralise Howze

Best girl in the world .. my little soul mate with the great big heart.  You will always be with me.

Cantagrees One Little Indian Cree


Born March 3, 1991  - Died September 11, 2005
Loved by Lynn Mitchell
Cree was loved by everyone who knew her. She helped me train many dogs and their owners. Cree never failed to do an A-1 job. Now she is doing her job at Rainbow bridge: keeping all her friends in just the right place.
Don't Cry Because its gone.......Smile because it was
I will always love you my Cree

Gold Nugget's Cisco Kid


Born December 15, 1988  - Died February 12, 2005
Loved by Ken and Donna Highstreet 

I really miss my beautiful blue boy.  Cisco lived a wonderful life full of doggie events. But his favorite thing was going hiking with me.  He could always choose the easiest route, and loved being up in the mountains.  He was so totally attached to me.  I couldn't have asked for a more loving, faithful companion.

Windmill's Wild Blue Yonder, AKC/ASCA UD Jett

Born January 29, 1993  - Died November 24, 2004 of cellular carcinoma
Loved by Debee Cox
Her soft, sweet, gentle soul - all too soon gone.
I love you, my Baby Jett

Granite's Tenaya Star

Born April 17, 2003  - Died November 11, 2004 in an auto accident
Loved by Ken and Donna Highstreet 
Tenaya was always such a happy little girl.  Tail always wagging, she was always ready to play.  She was the self proclaimed guardian of our yard from the evil squirrels and birds.  She made us laugh so much!  In her short life, she managed to make many friends.  The spirit of our little red merle girl with the golden eyes will always live with us.

ASCA OTCH Crosspaws Duke Ellington AKC UDX


Born December 1, 1996Died playing ball July 8, 2004
Loved by Lora and Ross Cox
    64 points towards his AKC OTCH
Multiple High in Trials, and High Combines.
One 200

CH. Windmill's Charmer for Lynn CDX "Charm"


Born May 15, 1993 - Died November 7, 2003
Charm finished her Championship and CD on the same day.  After her 1 and only litter, she was spayed and shown in Altered conformation.  She was the very first Altered Best Of Opposite Sex at an ASCA National Specialty(Greely CO). Charm always gave 200% and she is missed very much.

Heatherhill Can't Buy Me Love "Indy"

May 14, 1999 - Died March 14, 2003 of Lymphoma

Loved by Jean, Andy, Joan & Jay Danver
His short life was marred by deafness and epilepsy and filled with dignity, loyalty, love and three agility "Qs".

HOF(Hall of Fame)Windmill's Sweet Roxanne, (Rox)CDX

Born May 21, 1988 -  Died April 9, 2003
Roxanne had only 3 litters.  The get from these 3 litters put Roxanne in the ASCA Hall of Fame.  Though Rox was not a young girl when she went to the bridge, you can never prepare yourself for the loss of your soulmate and Rox was and always will be my soulmate.