2020 Agility Events

PASA will hold 5 agility trials in 2020:
February 22/23: Thorson's Arena, Morgan Hill, CA
March 28/29: Stanislaus County Fair Grounds, Turlock, CA
June 20/21: Rick Anderson's, Livermore, CA
August 1/2: Manzanita Park, Prunedale,  CA
November 21/22 : Thorson's Arena, Morgan Hill, CA

February 22/23
This was the first trial of the 2020 season.   No rain this year.   It was a bit chilly inside but sunny and pleasant outside. Thorson's had a mixup and double booked their facility. As a result we had to cancel our rally/obedience trials and set up porta potties and only use one of the arenas.   With some clever arranging we were able to set up an exercise area in the far corner and two exercise jumps out of the way of the action.
PASA held a one ring event, with 5 classes each day.  The popular "NQ" raffle was held both days.  Jeff Hayes from East Bernard, Texas was our judge.  His courses were fast and, especially his gambles, had some good challenges.
Trial committee was:
Chair(s): Tracy Lovelis (on site) Katrina Parkinson (grounds)
Background paperwork, web page, Judge gift: Jean Danver 
Awards: Warene Waters
Secretary & Chef Scorekeeper: Dave Connet
Chief Course Builder: Scott Lovelis
Chief Ring Steward(s): Maureen Loughney
Hospitality: Mona Nichols
Equipment: Susan Laursen
Judge transportation & Hotel arrangements: Nicole Watts
Judge airport and Hotel transportation: Jean Danver & Anne Pearson
Equipment Transportation: Donna & Ken Highstreet
NQ Raffle: Donna Highstreet

Three dogs earned ATCHs.  Mia, owned by Vivia Quan, and Sage, owned by Jean Danver, both got their ATCH II on a regular run on Saturday. Elektra, own by Dave Grubel, got her ATCH on Sunday's gamblers run.

Judge Jeff Hayes with Viva QuanATCHII Mia

Judge Jeff Hayes with Jean Danver and ATCHII Sage

Dave Grubel with ATCH Elektra

High in Trial Winners were, in order of the picture:

Open: Rick Anderson and his Aussie: Calvin
Elite: Katrina Parkinson and her Aussie, Trillian
Veteran:Erika Maurer and her Aussie, Cadence

 Judge: Jeff Hayes
Not Pictured:  Novice:  Cynthia Downing and her Aussie: Walker,
Ace Overall: Suzanne Morlock and her Aussie, Stella

PDF Files of Trial Results
Trial Premium
Trial General Info
High in Trial File
 Silver Buckle Standings
Note that all dogs with a Q are listed.   Their group may change if  they do not yet have regular Q.  There may be differences in HIT winners because the rules of which class a dog is in differs.  For Silver Buckle, dogs are in the group that corresponds to their first regular Q of the year and yps is the average of their regular runs for the year. Each q gets the same number of puts.  HIT group is last regular entered at this trial. Tie breaker ia average regular yps for this trial. average yps of regular runs for this trial is the tie breaker. Q points is determined by level.